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Destination: Transformation

  • Do you ever find yourself saying "Why does this keep happening to me?

  • Have things in your life not worked out the way you planned?

  • Do you feel like you're moving in the wrong direction?

  • It's NOT your fault! You just a life navigation system

DESTINATION: TRANSFORMATION is Your Navigational Roadmap to a Totally Fulfilling, Pretty Amazing, Completely Rewarding Dream Life!

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If you are the kind of high profile professional that can appreciate a high impact, no-nonsense, results-driven process that gets you guaranteed outcomes, then I am your Girl!

Contact me, then get ready to see a dynamic transformation in every area of your life as you take the action steps needed to define your destiny, maximize your potential and live the life of your dreams!

Destination: Transformation Benefits

  • Be more productive
  • Your mental and emotional health is improved because you feel supported and understood.
  • You perform better at work ready to take on any task. This positively impacts your earning potential.
  • Your relationships are improved.
  • You have a healthier lifestyle and you manage your material assets in a more strategic way.
  • Your positive state of mind keeps you spiritually uplifted so that you influence everyone around you for the better and everyone loves being around you!

"You better listen to that woman! She has the courage to say what everyone in this room is thinking..."

Said while in a boardroom in Center City Philadelphia by Dr. Wilson Goode, Former Mayor of the City of Philadelphia


Reach Your Highest Potential

Successful people perform at higher levels when they work with a coach. Total Life Transformation Coaching is designed to motivate you with a personalized exclusive executive coaching experience specifically customized to help you get results in record time.

Haven’t you already wasted enough time? energy? and resources? trying to figure it all out on your own? Life coaching helps you to synergistically get more done in the least amount of time.

The longer you wait to get an experienced, certified life coach that specializes in  transformation, the more money, friends, opportunities and peace of mind you stand to lose.

So what are you waiting for? Contact me today for your free TLT Discovery session to see how you can experience a Total Life Transformation too!


Dr. LaVerne Adams - President, International Association of Women, DC Local Chapter

"Dear Dr. LaVerne Adams,
I have been meaning to tell you how your event inspired my life! I was driving home from school when I heard you speak on the radio. At the time I was spiritually sick...waking up and being on "autopilot". I brought my mother a ticket and my girlfriend a ticket for her birthday to one of your events. We all had a fabulous time . I felt like it was part of my destiny ! I experienced a spiritual awakening ...

Lorna Jones
Lorna Jones

 "I just have to take the time to let you know what an awesome time I had at your event "Your Date With Destiny" it was a life changing event for me. The atmosphere was filled with nothing but positivity and the event itself from the reception to the program and dinner was outstanding. Nothing but excellence. There is so much I can say but the greatest thing that impacted me was the transparency from you and Tasha Smith's lives that you both shared with the audience. I know for myself and I believe I can speak for others that there was no way you left that event the same person. Your book is a must have and I am grateful for your work and will spread the word to others about this great "Destination Transformation Movement""~ Yolonda Bostic

Yolonda Bostic
Yolonda Bostic


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