Transformational Testimonials

triplets w Tasha

“Driven By Destiny” Book Release Party with Me & Tasha Smith from Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married?” It was an awesome event on 10-10-10 with LaRetta Taylor and Laureen Parks.

M. S,, Inspector

Dear LaVerne, I want to thank you for being a very caring person. We haven't known each other long but I can already thank you for changing my life. I must say that was amazing. You have a way of getting all up in a person's world (in a good way). LOL. You are such a blessing! So again LaVerne, I appreciate you. Thank you.

M. S,, Inspector
Philadelphia Police Department

Dr. Angela Clack, Licensed Psychotherapist,

Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach

Clack Associates

Dr. Amy Dean, Professor, Consultant

Ms. Kala, Actress, Radio Personality

Here are some more testimonials

Wonderful affair! I enjoyed myself tremendously and was truly blessed. I have not stopped sharing. Please keep me on the list for the next one!

- MT

I want to thank you so much for allowing me and my husband the experience we had last night at the destiny celebration as I sat there with tears rolling down my face. It opened up my thinking and now I have to do what I always felt I wanted to do… you can’t imagine how many people you have touched and are going to touch. Everyone I spoke to today knew what I did last night 🙂 God has allowed you in my life and I thank Him for this. The ladies group will be attending in the future:) I hope we can be the venue you come to in June for our annual celebration we’ll talk about that later too. I just wanted to let you know You are a Godsend!


I just have to take the time to let you know what an awesome time I had at your event “Your Date With Destiny” it was a life changing event for me. The atmosphere was filled with nothing but positivity and the event itself from the reception to the program and dinner was outstanding.

- PN

Nothing but excellence. There is so much I can say but the greatest thing that impacted me was the transparency from you and Tasha Smith’s lives that you both shared with the audience. I know for myself and I believe I can speak for others that there was no way you left that event the same person. Your book is a must have and I am grateful for your work and will spread the word to others about this great “Destiny Movement


When a Friend invited me to attend Dr. LaVerne Adams Seminar, I can tell you I wasn’t quite sure exactly what to expect. I’m a reporter. In my job I cover many events. This time there was something different. The evening started with positive spoken affirmations….and was elevated to a higher level that included worship dancing that sent a spirit of light energy throughout the room

- QJ

Dr. V at YDWD w Tasha pound

I believe you have to be bold and powerful when it comes to your destiny. Dr. LaVerne Adams & Tasha Smith proved that and shared their own intimate, personal experiences. If it meant helping others they took center stage and gave it their all. Each woman shared from her truth and gave you their path of pain that lead to their destiny breakthrough.

- TR

Their testimonies were raw and real which brought the audience to their feet! People who attended were able to name where they were stuck and unable to move forward. This allowed many in the room to reclaim their own purpose and be begin again with a renewed sense that they can do it!

- AC

If you ever doubted that you had the power before you entered the room, you certainly didn’t by the time it was over. It was an amazing life-changing experience. This is what happens when you are called and anointed to do something versus, this is just my job and I do it because it pays the bills.

- BD

The ‘Your Date With Destiny’ event was an awesome event that truly needs to be duplicated across various states. The candid conversation with Dr. Adams and Actress Tasha Smith, was very open, honest, real and very encouraging. So many times we are not willing or ready to share the bad or disappointing situations in our lives, but it is these experiences that God helps to move us forward and put us in the position to help others. It was not just for entertainment purposes but an eye opening experience. I am truly looking forward to reading my copy of the Destiny book. Don’t delay and get yours today!


Dear Dr. LaVerne Adams,
I have been meaning to tell you how your event inspired my life! I was driving home from school when I heard you speak about the destiny event on the radio. At the time I was spiritually sick…waking up and being on “autopilot”. I brought my mother a ticket and my girlfriend a ticket for her birthday . We all had a fabulous time . I felt like it was part of my destiny ! I experienced a spiritual awakening. God is doing something and I just want to thank you for being a vessel

- LJ

Dr. V at YDWD w Tasha high5

As the evening came to an end and I walked slowly to my car, the night air, warm and breezy, held the spirit of the essence of the evening. I overheard people from the event talking, sharing their emotional experience, vowing to move forward toward their life’s destiny.

- VS

Just in case you did not make it, no worries, Dr. LaVerne, promises this is just the beginning….so stay tuned for more monthly Your Date With Destiny events…and like life, it’s something you don’t want to miss!

- FM

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