Today, many professional women struggle with difficulties in their personal lives, they become so frustrated but don't know who to turn to...

This is due to limiting beliefs as a result of  repeating vicious cycles of abuse and neglect.

Painful memories leave them feeling disoriented...

They feel terribly unhappy with their lives and dissatisfied with the way things are turning out.

Each day that passes by things seem to get worse and worse because you're...

  • Hard-working, accomplished, but still feel unfulfilled...

  • In transition, desperately searching for direction...

  • Dissatisfied with life and terribly unhappy...

  • Looking for answers and you have no where to turn...


You know you deserve more...

You know you need support to achieve your dream goals...but don't know who to ask for help...

That's why Dr. LaVerne Adams created the


specifically for YOU!


is a step-by-step life plan that provides all the solutions you need to soar in life!


is your exclusive opportunity to get the tools you need to achieve your dreams of living a fulfilling life...

So you will finally be able to...

  • Live a more balanced, healthier life

  • Gain the confidence to find a better job or start the business you want

  • Leave an unhealthy relationships

  • Make sense out of what you are going through right now

  • Feel happier than you have ever felt in your whole life because now you have the answers you need to move forward with confidence to get the life you know you deserve!



  • Learn how to master the 8 Key areas that make up the totality of your life...

    In these powerfully interactive sessions you will learn why you are still unhappy no matter how much money or success you have. What you learn will change your life FOREVER using proven holistic techniques!

  • Start Your Journey to the NEW YOU!

    Enjoy the rare opportunity to focus totally on you and your future! Get the blueprint to design the life that you want to see and the special attention and support you need to FINALLY MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • FREE Personality Assessment

    Understand what makes you tick with a free electronic personality assessment so you can know how to be happy with the way you are wired.

  • Learn from The Expert who has already mastered the Journey!

    If you know you deserve more out of life and are unhappy and dissatisfied, Dr. LaVerne was once where you are now. This is your chance to learn from her experiences and expert knowledge to change your life and achieve your heart’s desire.


    Join a host of other like-minded professionals who want more for themselves and believe that more is possible and available and are willing to put in the work and the time to make it happen! Be a part of our private Dream Life University FB Group.

  • Includes all materials in the On-Line Learning portal...

    Registration includes all virtual materials that you can take with you on the go to help you to continue your journey to totally transform your life.

  • Introducing

    This School of Life gives you tools you can use for on-going learning, sharing and support so that you can continue to live the life you dream.

  • Direct Access to an Experienced Executive Coach...

    Dr. LaVerne is a Master Certified Life Coach with 25 years of experience supporting professionals just like you. You’ve always wanted it, and know that you need it, and now you can have one-on-one access with a Master Life Coach who can support you with the tools you need for the direction you need to a more fulfilling life. She will share the critical information you need to help you make a dynamic shift you are so longing for! You don’t have to go it alone! Dr. LaVerne is here for YOU!

Loving the Dream Life Blueprint Coaching Program


DREAM LIFE BLUEPRINT COACHING Video eCourse & Coaching Program



Building Block Session 1 - Spiritual Transformation

“Where the magic begins as you see your life from 5,000 feet!”

Building Block Session 2 – Mental/Emotional Transformation

“What were YOU thinking?


Building Block Session 3 – Physical Transformation

“Techniques to get there FASTER!”


Building Block Session 4 – Financial/Material Transformation

“What is Money? Really? “It’s Just Stuff!


Building Block Session 5 – Relation Transformation

“The Right One!”

Building Block Session 6 – Professional Transformation

“Why I can’t do this anymore!”


Building Block Session 7 – Transformational Vision Boarding*

“If you can see it, You can be it”

*No glue sticks, magazines, or scissors needed!

Building Block Session 8 – Transformational Visioning Session

and FOUR more BONUS sessions that will allow us to go deeper on the issues of your choice!

Each private coaching session will correspond with the lessons to assure your success!

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You can pick the DREAM LIFE BLUEPRINT MASTER CLASS SELF-GUIDED STUDY that includes the Dream Life Blueprint, the entire Dream Life Blueprint video eCourse, DLBMC Course Booklet, Book, and all course materials.

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Dr. LaVerne Adams,  Master Certified Life Coach

Dr. LaVerne’s work with individual clients helps them live their dream in spite of the fact they may be living a nightmare. I utilize numerous holistic personal and professional development programs to help them to dream and develop realistic and achievable goals. She has authored 20 books on personal, social, and global transformation and specializes in using a holistic approach designed to effectively re-wire the brain to help you experience a freedom from the limiting beliefs that block progress. After decades of training, research, and experience, I developed some powerfully effective personal development strategies that have produced amazing life changing results.

“I help professional women find more meaning satisfaction and joy in their lives by providing the tools and techniques that they need to help them see personal transformation in their lives to align more with the dream they see for themselves.” Dr. LaVerne Adams, Master Certified Life Coach

What others are saying about working with Dr. LaVerne...

Shanina Gary, Senior HR

Dr. LaVerne Adams is truly passionate about helping others become their best self. She walked me through evaluating opportunities, prioritizing, setting goals, and sticking to a timeline. Throughout the process she was encouraging and honest. Even though our coaching sessions have ended, she still checks in periodically on my progress. Our sessions were invaluable and just what I needed.

Shanina Gary, Senior HR
Dr. Angela Clack, Licensed Professional Therapist

Dr. LaVerne Adams hands down, as a Transformational Leadership Coach, Pastor, Mentor, Caregiver, and Advocate, is a top quality leader for communities and individuals in advocating for health, wealth and wellness! She has been on top of growing and developing great leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking to level up in business, relationships, and their careers! ! As a former coachee and now having the dream opportunity to come along her side in the implementation of her DreamLife Masterclass and DreamLife University and as a friend and colleague, she is truly a dream come true for me

Dr. Angela Clack, Licensed Professional Therapist
Carmen Acton, Executive Coach

LaVerne is deeply committed to helping her clients gain new insights and a path forward. She listens deeply and reflects back what she senses in an open, curious way that allows for expansion. I found our sessions together to be exactly what I needed. She’s a talented coach.

Carmen Acton, Executive Coach

You'll also get

BONUS Enrollment into

Be Empowered with the Tools You Can Use and Receive Your Very Own Dream Life Blueprint Master Class Certificate of Completion

Spaces are Extremely Limited!

I can only work with a few people at a time!

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What others are saying about working with Dr. LaVerne...

Since coaching with Dr. LaVerne my awareness has raised regarding how I can overcome my procrastination and plan out things in measurements, and dates to finish things with better time management. Now when it comes to school, I can plan out things before and decide when I want to have things done by. What I enjoyed most is talking and being open. I was surprised by how easy it was to come up with a strategy. I just didn’t think about it. Dr. LaVerne is patient because I can ramble. She was able to evoke a different thought process. She is sweet. I felt some kind of way about the date changes I was given but that had no impact on her and I see no weakness in her coaching style.

Tyazia Scott

I have learned how to be more reflective in a more natural way and I am more conscious of myself and the time that I need to take for myself because of my coaching sessions with Dr. LaVerne Adams.  I find myself saying things like “I am strong” throughout the day things like this just pop into my mind. I will keep setting intentions for myself in my moments to reflect in the middle of the day and keep moving forward. I really appreciated the time that I had in the coaching sessions and they came at a much needed time in my life when I needed someone to talk life into me and remind me of all of the tools that I already have to help myself. I have been to psychologists and group sessions and holistic healers, so I had an idea of what to expect but it all made sense the way she explained the process. Dr. LaVerne has the ability to make someone feel connected to their situation and she made me feel like I was the only one she talked to. She was very present and I felt her attention which helped to build me up. Everything she did was great and I felt that having this time set aside for me at work made me feel that I was cared for as a person which made me feel good.

Terri Williams

Since coaching from Dr. LaVerne Adams I have learned how to relax and take time for myself and not to be so stressed. I will use the breathing exercises that I learned were really helpful. Now I will take more time for myself before others. I will set goals for myself and try to do things one day at a time. I really enjoyed talking to her and helping me to clear my mind and think a little more and get my thought outside of my head. I thought it coaching was something where I had to spill my guts but instead, the experience was wonderful and I was able to accomplish what I wanted. Dr. LaVerne is good at getting you started working on your goals. Her voice helps you to relax and I wish I could spend more time with her. I am so glad that I learned that I can talk to someone when I feel sad and write things down to get through whatever I might be going through.

Rosie Williams

After coaching with Dr. LaVerne, I leave knowing that whatever I put my mind to, I can accomplish and seeing it to the end. At the beginning, I was a little unsure. I thought “Why are they sending me to coaching”. Then I realized that maybe they saw something in me and what I could benefit from it and then I realized that this was something that I could really use. The coaching helped me to push forward. Speaking about it helped me a whole lot. I am going to continue to use the skills I’ve learned in time management tools including my planner and setting reminders on my phone. That was my biggest issue before. I continue to relive our conversations which have been very helpful…so helpful that I started a vision board to help me stay on track. I enjoyed the homework piece. Every week Dr. LaVerne would help me come up with something to do which was a highlight for me because I actually did it and I was excited about that. I was surprised about how fast I was able to get in school and I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. I didn’t make resolutions. I started looking at 2020 totally differently. Before I didn’t feel like there was anything I could accomplish and would come up with something negative or make excuses that I had too much on my plate. My confidence level raised a lot. Dr. LaVerne is a good listener. She has a way of drawing the answers out of you. Everything about the sessions was great.

Koryon Kerns

After coaching with Dr. LaVerne Adams, a new skill that I have developed is self reflection, as well as to understand that my actions play a huge part in how people perceive me. I will now be more intentional with self reflection and take time to think through before I speak and how my actions will affect the whole situation. I really enjoyed meeting one-on-one and learning that we had a lot in common because I felt that I was the only one in my situation. I was surprised about how open and transparent Dr. Adams was as she was willing to share her story with me. She knows how to stay in the moment and build good relationships with her clients. She is soft spoken and creates a relaxing “no judgment” zone. I did not feel embarrassed about sharing but free because I felt like I was in a safe space. This is so important because the world can be such a harsh place. I learned a lot about myself and how I come off. Reading through the assessment she gave me areas reminds me of the areas that I need to adjust. I wish I would have learned these skills a long time ago.

Jackie Stricklan

Working with Dr. LaVerne, I learned a greater awareness that I have control over the things that I need to do. What I will do differently after our coaching together is  go back to writing things down because I need a visual. What I enjoyed the most is getting to talk and express my inner feelings without being uncomfortable with having to be honest with answering necessary questions. My thinking about the coaching experience overall was that it was something else. In a lot of ways I thought it was like therapy but I found coaching to be helpful. Dr. LaVerne asks the right questions. She thinks about the question first and was intentional with how she goes about the session and her routine had a flow and how it works out in the hour. My only improvement was that I wish there was more time because when we are getting to the good part, it is over and I am left wondering how can the time go so fast…

Felicia Glasper

After coaching with Dr. LaVerne I have become a lot more reflective. I started examining more who I am and if I am the person I want to be and allowed me to clearly set my goals. I ask myself, “Would you be someone that I would want to be my friend?” I started reading books on strategies to be more resilient that includes activities that cause you to reflect and the exercises that cause you to make an effort to control my emotions and be less impulsive. In just a short time, the whole thing has me looking at who I am in different ways and the sessions caused me to think differently. I was surprised about the greater awareness of myself and the different facets of who I am and the strengths and fortitude of my character. Dr. LaVerne caused me to think more about who I am, What I am  and how I will I change. She is a good listener and asked poignant questions that were deep and probing to get me to think and unlock thoughts that were tucked away not to be touched but I had to deal with the in a positive way and use those learning to leverage other things and reign in the chaos. The only thing is that I wish Dr. LaVerne had a “black couch” so I could relax because I don’t think there was enough time.

Avril Codnor-Crooks